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Newlyweds By Nikubou

Nikubou is one of the few writers in the world who can transport their readers to an alternate reality as vividly and charmingly as they do. The latest book by Nikubou, “Pretend newlyweds,” weaves romance, humor and intrigue into a story that is captivating. This heartwarming tale is set in a charming little town and follows two strangers forced to pretend that they are newlyweds. The plot takes readers on an emotional roller coaster, as they discover the true meaning of friendship, love and deception.


The two main characters of “Pretend Newlyweds”, Lily and Jack, are introduced. Lily, a strong and independent woman, finds herself in a tough situation when she inherits her great-aunt’s picturesque farmhouse located in the small town of Everwood. She is unaware that the inheritance has a condition: she must marry within six months or else the property will go to a distant relative.

Jack, an charismatic, free-spirited musician, moved to Everwood recently to escape the city’s hustle and bustle. He is at a crossroads of his life due to mounting debts and lack of a steady income. He has a brilliant idea when he sees Lily’s situation. A fake marriage.

Jack suggests that they pretend to newlyweds in order to allow Lily to keep her inheritance and Jack to receive free accommodation at the farmhouse. Lily is initially hesitant, but eventually agrees to play along with the charade. They begin their journey as pretend newweds.

Unlikely Allies

Lily and Jack find themselves in an array of funny and awkward situations as they embark on this charade. Their interactions are full of humor and undeniable attraction. They share a room, cook together and even sleep in the same bed. Unaware of the ruse and enamored with their apparent perfect relationship, the townspeople are further complicated by the situation.

Nikubou portrays Lily and Jack’s friendship beautifully throughout the story. As they spend time together, Lily and Jack discover each other’s vulnerabilities and past traumas. This creates a deeper bond that blurs between pretending to be someone else and being real.

The Mask of Deception

The pretense of marriage may bring them closer together, but it also forces the pair to face the question whether real love can be born from lies. As Lily and Jack struggle with their feelings, the tension grows. Is their growing love for each other genuine or is it a charade? Nikubou keeps the reader guessing right up until the last page.

Community Bonds

The small town of Everwood is a major character in “Pretend Newlyweds”. The author weaves a tapestry with supporting characters that add warmth and charm to the story. Each character in the book adds richness and depth to the story. From the eccentric neighbor who loves to gossip to the old bookseller with his wise advice.

Lily and Jack are able to form genuine friendships as the façade of the fake marriage continues. They never expected this. The novel shows how a close-knit group of people can welcome outsiders into their community and give them a feeling of belonging.

Discovering true love

Lily and Jack’s deception takes its toll as the days become weeks and then months. Their deception weighs on them, and their feelings towards each other become more complex. As they explore the boundaries of their relationship, the lines between pretending to be someone else and being real blur.

The novel explores the complexities of love, self-discovery, and trust. Lily opens her heart and learns how to trust in someone else. Jack on the other side confronts his fear and learns to value a stable and loving relationship. Both characters grow and develop through their trials.

Nikubou’s “Pretend Newlyweds” is a charming and heartwarming tale that explores love, friendship and self-discovery. The novel is a delight to read, and the journey of Lily, Jack and their friends, while sometimes turbulent, resonates with the reader, reminding them of the power of human connection.

Nikubou’s masterful story-telling, coupled with the charming setting of a small town and well-crafted character, make “Pretend Newlyweds”, a must-read book for anyone who loves romance, humor and a little deception. The story leaves readers with a deep sense of hope and the belief that love can triumph in the face of even the most difficult circumstances.

In the end “Pretend Newlyweds”, is more than a love tale; it’s a celebration the human spirit, and the extraordinary ability of the heart overcome challenges and find a true home. Nikubou has a gift for telling stories that shines through, and leaves an indelible impression on the literary world as well as the hearts of readers.

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